Task #7: Journal Entry Week 3

Reading options


Choose two of these first three options —

option 7a


"The Yellow Wallpaper" – Gillman, pp. 578-90 (+ bio, pp. 577-8)

option 7b


"Trifles" – Glaspell, pp. 1041-1050 (+ bio, pp. 1040-1)

option 7c


"Mr. Cornelius Johnson, Office Seeker" – Dunbar, pp. 172-8 (+ bio, pp. 171-2)

option 7d


all Zitkala-Sa, pp. 811-821 (+ bio, pp. 809-10)


Submit a thoughtful, well-reasoned journal response to any two of the reading assignments above. You will have discovered by now that the best responses take into account similarities and contrasting points between texts. How do Perkins, Glaspell, Dunbar, and Zitkala-Sa address similar and yet differeing concerns about the roles of women and minorities in American culture/society?

Refer to Task #2 (or Task #5) for suggestions for getting journal writing going.

Post your journal entry for this week no later than midnight, Friday, June 23, 2006.


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