Task #15: “Journal Entry Week 6

Reading options


Choose two of these options —

option 15a


all Countee Cullen, pp. 1550-1556
all Langston Hughes poetry, pp. 1519-1528
"Sweat," Zora Neale Hurston, pp. 1577-1586

option 15b


"A Party Down at the Square," and "Flying Home," Ralph Waldo Ellison, pp. 2030-2048
"Bright and Morning Star," Richard Wright, pp. 1807-1833
"Between the World and Me," Wright, pp. 1833-4

option 15c


"Revelation," Flannery O'Connor, [online text]
"The Artificial Nigger," O'Connor [online text]


Submit a thoughtful, well-reasoned journal response to any two of the reading assignments above. The best responses take into account similarities and contrasting points between texts. How do these texts work together or comment upon each other?

Review Task #2 (or Task #5) for suggestions for getting journal writing going.

Post your journal entry for this week no later than 9PM, Friday, TBA.


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